June 27, 2017 Minutes – Approved

A meeting of the Board of Directors of Arrowhead at Vail Association (the “Association”) was held on Tuesday, June 27, 2017.  In attendance were Board members Rick Bross, Cathie Bennett, Patty Strunk, Dan Gallagher and George Bigley.  In attendance by phone were Board members George Coleman and Cynthia Bell.  Also in attendance were Jerry Hensel, Association Manager, Erin McCauley, Accounting Manager, Jim Clancy, Director of Public Safety, Steve Nusbaum and Sid Schultz with Design Review Administration, Dick Bourret, representing the Arrowhead Metro District, and Carol Floyd, Secretary to the Meeting. The meeting was called to order at 8:58 a.m., and it was noted a quorum was present.

Public Comment

Rick Bross gave an update on behalf of the Arrowhead Metro District (“AMD”).  Road improvements from Cresta Gate to Mud Springs cabins are complete.  A risk assessment of infrastructure and assets conducted by an engineering firm came out clean with no major concerns.  Dan Gallagher commented on the increased level of satisfaction with the playground and restrooms indicated in the community survey noting one concern of the slide getting very hot.  Jerry Hensel will look into a remedy to keep the slide cooler.  Rick stated AMD has refinanced a bond issue to save the community $632K over its term.


Patty Strunk moved to approve the May 25, 2017 Board of Director Meeting minutes as presented.  Cathie Bennett seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved. 

Design Review

Steve Nusbaum stated two candidates were interviewed to fill one open Design Review Committee (“DRC”) position at their last meeting.  Based on skill and experience, the DRC recommends the appointment of Terry Scanlan.

George Coleman made a motion to appoint Terry Scanlan to the Design Review Committee.  Dan Gallagher seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved. 

Of the 16 Request for Proposals (“RFP”) sent out for the revision of the Design Guidelines, one was returned.  The DRC intends to contact those who did not submit and will discuss at their next meeting.  Steve said the DRC survey results showed an appetite to revise the Design Guidelines. Comment was made there needs to be community involvement and transparency in the process.  Dan Gallagher suggested forming a committee of four to six people to work with the DRC through this process.  Discussion took place in regard to a stone address marker on Turnberry Place, and the Board requested Steve report back on the approval status of this project.

Public Safety

Pertaining to the Public Safety Activity Report, Patty Strunk raised the question of why there have been twice the number of intrusions reported this year compared to last year.  Jim Clancy answered intrusion alarms are most often set-off by a door left ajar or a pet, and that Public Safety has been more diligent in documenting all activity.  Jim will confirm with John Herbert, Public Safety Manager, there have been no actual intrusions and will notify the Board.  Jim spoke about the steps required to become a Firewise community.  A sustainability report and plan have been completed.  Jim explained there is one plan covering Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch, and Arrowhead, billed separately, to benefit from economies of scale.  Jim recommended scheduling Anchor Point to attend a future Board meeting to elaborate on the one to five-year plan and answer questions. Two per capita must be spent on Firewise activities such as planning and mitigation.


Cathie Bennett reported expenses and revenue are in line with the budget.  Real Estate Transfer Assessments (“RETA”) are anticipated to come in $35K under budget at the end of June.  No shortfall in RETA is expected at year end.  Four annual assessments remain outstanding.  The $4,500 unfavorable variance in Direct Transportation is due to one additional week of shuttle service.  Rick Bross requested the Strategic Planning Committee come forward with a proposal for future capital improvements in accordance with the community survey results.


Activities: George Coleman said he has encountered resistance from Vail Resorts in the use of Broken Arrow for two movie nights.  Dan Gallagher commented that the Summer Camp is unable to use Broken Arrow for their program because it has become cost prohibitive.  Jerry Hensel will follow-up with the Sr. Director of Food and Beverage on pricing and access to Broken Arrow on the Board’s behalf.  George continues to work on reinstating two dates for Friday Afternoon Club in partnership with Arrowhead Alpine Club (“AAC”).  The tennis program is proceeding well and the dry court issue has been resolved.  It was noted, the Bachelor Gulch courts had the same issue. The new Tennis Center hardscape is working well and is being utilized for the introduction of a tennis fitness program.  Various opinions were shared in regard to allowing guests to participate in the tennis program.  The pickleball program has expanded and is receiving a good turnout for clinics.  Dan Gallagher has established a hiking committee and is planning the first of three summer hikes July 1st or 2nd.  He requested an email announcement be sent to all property owners.  As the Commercial representative on the Board, George Bigley expressed concern around protecting the exclusivity of the AAC and the welfare of other businesses within the community. Carol Floyd confirmed everything is set for the July 4th breakfast.  Dan requested a sign-up for committees at the breakfast welcome table.  George Coleman announced a BYO barbeque is being arranged for Sunday of Labor Day weekend, 3:00 – 7:00 p.m.  Vail Resorts will provide grills, and the Broken Arrow will be open for beverages.  Music, lawn games, hike, bike, and jog activities are planned.

Strategic Planning: The committee will provide the abridged version of the community survey and cover letter to the Board for their approval of distribution to property owners.  The letter will announce Town Hall meetings before Labor Day and winter. It was suggested three or four of the biggest takeaways from the survey be included in the cover letter.  George noted the long version of the survey will be posted on the website.  George announced the Snow Committee will be reinstated to collaborate with Mountain Operations to exchange information and ideas.  A Transportation Committee will also be formed.  Comment was made that the DRC survey should be as transparent as the community survey.

Image/Beautification/Landscaping: Patty reported the front entrance has been planted and the base area looks great.  She said the Board will decide in the fall whether to install a twin entrance sign on the east side.  Jerry Hensel said elimination of noxious trees is going well.  The removal of mature Cottonwood at the Dakotas has made a dramatic effect on Sawatch Drive.  Jerry noted stumps are being killed now before grinding can occur.  Disease control is taking place on common areas and 41 trees have been removed.  Everything has been planted with the exception of two median island flower beds with water issues.

Communications:  Cynthia said the web host will make all links live in the newsletter today once final.  She informed the Board she is in the planning stages for the Broker Open House and has a meeting scheduled with the Marketing group for Signature Clubs who has expressed interest in participating.  Cynthia is working with AAC on a two-sided publication for the event including a map and highlights, rather than the trifold previously discussed.  The Board was in agreement to go live with WebX and hold the July Board meeting at Colorado Mountain College.  When asked about the new email platform, Cynthia answered the web host will be setting up Mail Chimp.

Nominating: Dan Gallagher spoke about building in a committee structure to get the community engaged and develop a pool of Board candidates for future years.  He recommended moving the Board meeting back to Mondays.

Other Business

Trash Agreement: Jerry Hensel said the trash service agreement is currently with the Association’s legal counsel for final adjustments pertaining to additional charges.  As of January 1, 2018, there will be an increase of $4.00 per month per residence.  Jerry will send a final version to the Board upon receipt.

Follow-up with Beth Howard: Jerry Hensel updated the Board following his meeting with Beth Howard.  Beth agreed to waive the 10% management fee on this summer’s base area improvements.  Jerry said she is in favor of additional skier safety signage and presence to be consistent across the resort because she views Arrowhead as an important portal.  Dan Gallagher suggested as mountain signage is replaced, it should be consistent with the Arrowhead brand colors.

Construction Activity: Cathie Bennett raised the question of whether there is a dust mitigation requirement in the construction regulations, and Jerry assured her there is.

Irrigation:  Jerry Hensel informed the Board Tanto has withdrawn their offer to complete all remaining irrigation projects this summer.  They will replace the irrigation at the McCoy Creek gate in mid-July.

Grooming of Trails:  Dan Gallagher mentioned the importance of arranging for grooming of the Mud Springs and Cherokee trails prior to the winter season.  Jerry will ensure a contractor is set up once the desired schedule is determined.

There being no further business, Dan Gallagher moved to adjourn the meeting.  Cathie Bennett seconded the meeting and it was adjourned at 11:01 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Floyd
Secretary to the Meeting