July 25, 2017 Minutes – Approved

A meeting of the Board of Directors of Arrowhead at Vail Association (the “Association”) was held on Tuesday, July 25, 2017.  In attendance were Board members Rick Bross, Cathie Bennett, Cynthia Bell, and Dan Gallagher. In attendance by phone were Board members George Coleman and Patty Strunk.  Also in attendance were Jerry Hensel, Association Manager, Erin McCauley, Accounting Manager, Steve Nusbaum with Design Review Administration, Bob Shafer, representing the Arrowhead Metro District, and Carol Floyd, Secretary to the Meeting. The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m., and it was noted a quorum was present.

Public Comment

Bob Shafer gave an Arrowhead Metro District (“AMD”) update.  The AMD has been in discussion with Country Club of the Rockies (“CCR”) in regard to the proposed golf cart lease program.  Bob noted the AMD has amended a resolution for use of golf carts.  They have requested use be limited to the months of May through October.  Issues raised by the Association Board included parking, liability insurance, pedestrian ways, gate access, uniformity, identification, and an age requirement of 16.  Comment was made that the standards need to be tight.  Rick Bross suggested a test period.  Bob reported the AMD audit has been approved with no issues and is being filed.  Pertaining to budget, Bob shared there is an upside to Reserves because of a $50K savings from the road improvement project.  AMD is now working on the 2018 budget, and they anticipate the mill rate will remain the same.  Jerry Hensel informed the Board a shade cover has been ordered for the playground slide.  Dan encouraged AMD to read through the positive comments regarding the playground and restrooms.  Bob suggested a joint dialogue regarding the shuttle to Vail.  It was noted AMD owns the buses and they contract Vail Resorts for services.

Meeting Minutes

Cathie Bennett moved to approve the June 27, 2017 Board of Director Meeting minutes as presented.  Cynthia Bell seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

Design Review

Steve Nusbaum said the RFP response has been minimal, surmising the reason being the busy time of year.  The Design Review Committee (“DRC”) has deemed the one RFP received unacceptable.  DRC members will reach out to local firms who may now be interested.  This topic will be on the agenda for next week’s DRC meeting.  Dan Gallagher recommended the Board constitute a committee to work with the DRC through the guideline revision process.  To maintain transparency, George Coleman urged the Board to direct the DRC to share the results of their survey with all property owners.  The Board was in agreement.  A suggestion was made to include a request for persons with skills and/or education who are interested in serving on this committee to accompany the DRC survey email blast.  Rick Bross will ask David Cooper to draft the email content.

Public Safety

Discussion took place in regard to the recent home intrusion, how it was handled, and what can be learned.  Dan Gallagher commended the decision to inform property owners of the facts to avoid misinformation.  Jerry Hensel assured the Board all gates have been checked and protected to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering.  Jerry shared the protocol Public Safety has in place.  Rick Bross requested he be notified anytime a Sheriff is called.  Dan Gallagher inquired about a protocol for communication pertaining to incidents.  Jerry explained, in the event of a serious threat, property owners would be alerted by ECAlert and he would notify the Board.  Dan recommended forming a Security Committee to provide the Board with suggestions.  Jerry noted, in preparation for the 2015 Alpine World Ski Championships, Public Safety met with experts to go over protocol.  Per Rick, John Herbert, Manager of Public Safety, has recommended locking down the southeast and southwest gates at a certain time every night  requiring all vehicles to enter and exit through the main gate.  George Coleman added, security would have to be addressed on both sides of Highway 6.  It was noted the north side gates are equipped with cameras to allow access.  Dan said community input is needed before implementing this change.  At the Board’s request, Jerry will get a quote for changing the southeast and southwest gates to open for entry and exit independently.  Cathie mentioned walkers entering the community.  Jerry said many are Arrowhead Property Management housekeeping staff who ride the bus, and others are construction workers who do not have parking at their site.  Rick will draft an email for Cynthia to distribute at the end of August to enlist parties interested in serving on the Security Committee.


Cathie Bennett reported revenue continues to track $100K below budget, and said this will need to be taken into consideration when preparing the 2018 budget.  The full year budget is $1.1m.  Jerry Hensel mentioned real estate transfer assessments (“RETA”) is tracking close to last year.  Erin McCauley said she has received three status requests from title companies indicating anticipated closing in August to generate $75K.   Rick noted the realtors he has spoken with remain confident in the real estate market.  Cathy said expenses are in line with budget, with the exception of a small overage in Transportation.  When asked about pending capital projects, Jerry informed the Board of the irrigation project scheduled to begin next week which is expected to incur a $15K overage.  The purchase of new portable furniture for the newly designed gathering area was discussed. George Coleman indicated three items for consideration in the 2018 budget including the Design Guidelines rewrite, a part-time activities person, and funds for various activities.  Rick Bross mentioned the expansion of trails.  Cathy requested anything to consider for next year’s budget be emailed to her.


Activities: George Coleman said the 4th of July breakfast was well received and thanked Carol Floyd for her assistance.  LEGO Batman has been chosen for the Mountainview Movies and Martinis set for August 9th, in partnership with the Alpine Club and Broken Arrow.  George continues to try to reinstate the FAC in partnership with the Arrowhead Alpine Club (“AAC”).  Tennis is proceeding well.  There are currently four non-resident tennis memberships.  Court maintenance has been lauded.  Attendance for the tennis fitness program was sparse.  Those who participated enjoyed it.  The pickle ball expanded effort to publicize and support has achieved positive results.  The playground and restrooms have been greatly utilized, and the hot slide issue is being addressed.  Relocating the basketball backstop was discussed, and the general consensus was to move it 10 spaces down and enclose the court with a temporary snow fence.  Jerry Hensel will look into this.  A Hiking Committee has been established and trails are being utilized.  The Board decided upon Sunday, September 3rd for the Labor Day event at the base of the Arrowbahn.  Activities planned include lawn games, hikes, and a community low-impact stroll.  This will be a “bring your own” picnic.  Vail Resorts will provide grills and the Association will provide chefs and non-alcoholic beverages.  Jerry noted the food will need to be consumed outside the Broken Arrow footprint to protect their food license.  A cash bar will be available.  Jerry will check on the Broken Arrow’s ability to pipe music outside.  George noted the cost for Vail Resorts to provide all food is $30 per person which is not currently feasible.  Dan Gallagher inquired on the status of the trail grooming contract.  Jerry explained the contract is being reviewed in Broomfield and that either CCR or an outside contractor will do all grooming of the trails and snowshoe course.  The Board requested a signed contract be in place by September 30th.

Strategic Planning:  George stated the most significant recommendations from the community survey were to update the design guidelines, invest in pool and hot tub enhancements, and not do anything with the parking lot.  The Town Hall meeting has been scheduled for Friday, September 1st, at 5:00 p.m.  The Board was in agreement the Broken Arrow would be the most convenient venue.

Landscaping: Patty suggested beautifying the right side of the street going up to the Alpine Club with grass and low lying vegetation.  This would require bringing in irrigation.  Jerry Hensel said irrigation could be brought from the parking lot but would entail a capital project.  Rick Bross suggested having Roots make a recommendation.  Jerry noted the weeds in that area were sprayed this morning and will be cleaned up.  It was also noted the curb is in need of attention.  Patty asked Jerry about obtaining two or three larger flowering pots at the base of the lift.  Jerry said he will take care of this.  Patty asked for the Board’s opinion on opening another section of trees at the island just beyond the front entrance.  She and Jerry will look at this space when she returns.  Rick Bross said he has received inquiries in regard to replacing the trees that have been removed.  Jerry explained he has been waiting for feedback and estimates replacing with snow and summer, a flowering tree that does not produce fruit.

Communication: Cynthia Bell thanked everyone for their contributions to the newsletter and expressed satisfaction with its level of detail.  She said the web designer is currently creating a Mail Chimp server.  He is the account holder for WebEx.  Cynthia tested WebEx with Dan Gallagher between a Mac and PC and it worked well.  She requested the Board bring their laptops to the September Board meeting, or meet with her anytime at the AAC to set up participant access.  She clarified that the web designer, Carol, and herself have exclusive rights to the account and the ability to initiate web meetings.  The package that was purchased comes with 200 lines and can be increased as needed monthly.  The platform works off email addresses.  The Broker Open House will be held Thursday, August 10th or 17th.  Cynthia is following Vail Resorts marketing recommendations, and will use their broker mailing list and standard invitation.  AAC will share in the cost with the Association’s portion estimated to be $300.  Arrowhead Property Management has expressed interest in being involved to promote the rental pool.  CCR may also present.

Other Business

Trash Service Agreement:  The Board requested Jerry confirm the fuel surcharge is allowed to decrease.  One correction to the agreement was noted whereby lost containers should be the responsibility of the homeowner rather than the Association.

Rentals License and/or Resort Fees/Tax:  Rick Bross requested Jerry Hensel retain the Association’s legal counsel to collaborate with the AMD attorney for proactive advice on generating revenue.  The purpose being to have non-Arrowhead owners offset the cost of amenities.  Dan Gallagher requested seeking legal advice on whether a waiver is needed for the organized activities at the Labor Day event.

Drones:  Patty Strunk raised the issue of drones in the community and applicable restrictions.  Jerry stated Vail Resorts mountain policy is no drones unless it is covered by one of 17 National Forest licenses.  He will obtain Beaver Creek’s policy on drones and, at the Board’s request, will check Eagle County regulations.

Bicycle Traffic: Rick Bross spoke about a property owner who wishes to attend a Board meeting to revisit the issue of preventing access of non-resident bicycle traffic on Cresta Road.  The question was raised as to how to distinguish between property owners, guests, and non-residents.  Cynthia Bell suggested asking the Association’s legal counsel if there must be public access 365 days per year or only during ski season.  Dan Gallagher talked about the possibility of requiring property owners to notify Public Safety of guest arrivals, and Public Safety maintaining visitor and permanent lists of family members.  Rick will invite this property owner to the next meeting if they have ideas for solutions to the issue.

Irrigation: It was noted the irrigation issue reported by a property owner has been resolved.

There being no further business, motion was made by Rick Bross to adjourn the meeting.  Cathie Bennett seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned at 11:31 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Floyd
Secretary to the Meeting `