March 26, 2018 Minutes – Approved

A meeting of the Board of Directors of Arrowhead at Vail Association (the “Association”) was held on Monday, March 26, 2018. In attendance were Board members Cathie Bennett, George Bigley, George Coleman, Dan Gallagher, Patty Strunk, and Tim Gropp. In attendance by phone were Randy Smith, Board member, and Tim Baker, Sr. Director of Beaver Creek Village Operations. Also in attendance were Jerry Hensel, Association Manager, Jim Clancy, Director of Public Safety, Sid Schultz with Design Review Administration, Bob Shafer representing Arrowhead Metro District, Erin McCauley, Financial Analyst, and Carol Floyd, Secretary to the Meeting. The meeting was called to order at 8:58 a.m., and it was noted a quorum was present. Introductions were made.

McCoy Park

Beth Howard, Vice President and COO of Beaver Creek Resort, Mike Jackson, Mountain Planner, and Kristen Williams, Vice President of Community Affairs joined the meeting to provide an update on the McCoy Park expansion proposal. In early December the proposal was submitted to the United States Forest Service (“USFS”), and it is expected to go to scoping and a public comment period soon. Beth gave an overview of the project being 250 acres, lift served by a high-speed quad and fixed-gripped triple for egress. There will be 17 trails, mostly groomable glades, with access from the top of Larkspur lift, Strawberry lift, and upper Beaver Creek Expressway. Terrain will be 75% beginner and 25% low intermediate creating a protected family zone which does not exist within the current footprint. The Nordic trails will be reconfigured around the top of the bowl. This area is not programmed for summer activities, and every effort will be made to ensure minimal disturbance of soils, and deer and elk habitat. Beth noted there is less than 30 acres of vegetation disturbance, some of which will improve forest health. Through the Epic Promise commitment, there will be one-to-one tree restoration through another project with Vail Resorts’ forest partners. Beth estimated if all goes well and approval is received in October, build out would take approximately two years for skiing to commence the 20/21 ski season. The topic of fire mitigation was raised. Mike Jackson stated each resort has a forest management plan. Beth added each community has fire mitigation plans, and Beaver Creek works with the USFS on normal forest health. Mike advised once the scoping process begins, maps and information will be posted on the USFS website for public access and comment. Kristin Williams will notify Carol Floyd when the information is released for posting on the AVA website.

Public Comment

Bob Shafer thanked the Association on behalf of Country Club of the Rockies for sending the invitation for their open house. George Coleman noted an invitation was also sent for the Alpine Club, both entities being integral parts of the community. The Bravo bus was discussed. Jerry Hensel explained the Arrowhead Metro District (“AMD”) contract expires at the end of ski season and a summer or year-round contract would be required. He said the cost would be based on an hourly rate and dependent upon how many events for which the service is provided. George Coleman said he will ask the Activities Committee to determine the number of events for Jerry Hensel to draft a proposal. The Board will then consider the feasibility of funding such service. Bob announced Dick Bourret and Chris Matlon are going off the AMD Board because of term limits. Tom Howard and Vince Riggio will join the AMD Board. Bob reported there will be no major capital projects or road paving this year. A new bus will be purchased replacing one for the ski routes. A ten-year plan will be revealed at the upcoming AMD meeting. Bob raised the lighting issue on upper Cresta Road. Jerry explained the single-family homes on Cresta have address poles which provide substantial light on the road. Jerry added these lights are the responsibility of the property owner. Out of 12 lights, approximately ten are out. Public Safety does a light audit weekly. The means of resolving the lighting issue will be discussed in this week’s AMD meeting, and a procedure will be put in place.

Design Review

Sid Schultz reported 84 Riverbend Drive has been approved for teardown and rebuild. A first draft of the Design Guideline rewrite is expected on April 5th. Any suggested changes will be considered before a final draft is presented for the Association Board’s approval on May 3rd. Sid notified the Board of one project on the next DRC meeting agenda where one member must recuse themselves which will leave the DRC without a quorum for that agenda item. George Coleman noted he has accepted Dan Gallagher’s written resignation from the DRC.

Motion was made by George Coleman to appoint Cathie Bennett to the Design Review Committee for the April 5th meeting. Patty Strunk seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

Public Safety

Jim Clancy presented a draft of content to be included in a communication to property owners in regard to the new access system being installed and the process for calling in guests. Dan Gallagher questioned the necessity of requiring the names of all persons in each vehicle. George Coleman shared his opinion that obtaining the driver’s information should be sufficient as they would be responsible for the passengers in their vehicle. Jim Clancy said for frequent guests there is the opportunity to acquire a transponder and sticker that ties to a specific property. Jim will finalize the document and distribute via email for the Board’s approval prior to publication in the May newsletter.


Activities: George Coleman said Michelle Horton has been very involved in the committee and is engaging other community members. George stated Cliff Drysdale Tennis will oversee programs in Bachelor Gulch and Beaver Creek as well as Arrowhead, and the pros will work together to create interclub competition and social events. The Tennis Committee has recommended the Board reestablish the non-resident Alpine Club and Country Club of the Rockies tennis memberships.

George Coleman made a motion on behalf of the Tennis Committee to reinstate the non-resident Alpine Club and Country Club of the Rockies tennis memberships under the same terms and conditions as last year. Dan Gallagher seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

George Coleman relayed the committee’s request for the Association to subsidize Friday Afternoon Club (“FAC”) events at the Broken Arrow. George Bigley stated Vail Resorts’ Food and Beverage has indicated they would be able to host these events on a limited basis for $2,500 per occurrence. George Coleman requested George Bigley inquire about the possibility of holding three events for $6,000 during July and August, and the cost for one additional event. George Bigley suggested July 13th, 27th, August 10th, 24th, and the Board was in agreement. An answer from Bachelor Gulch Village Association is expected this week in regard to their contribution toward the new hiking trails.

Strategic Planning: Dan Gallagher asked the Board to review the Strategic Objectives he distributed and get back to the committee with any comments or suggestions, with a goal of adoption by the Board at their next meeting for use as a guide for enhancing the community and protecting its values. George Coleman spoke about two action items. The committee has recommended the Board confirm the placement of the prospective pool at the west end of the playground. Once confirmed, the Board would engage a pool consultant/builder to determine cost estimates for consideration and presentation to the community. The Board was in agreement to proceed as recommended by the committee. Jerry Hensel will identify consultant(s) and provide this information to the pool subcommittee. Dan noted the task details will be prioritized in connection with development of next year’s budget.

Inter-community Council: Randy Smith briefed the Board on the branding/marketing concepts he will be working on with the Inter-community Council. He said time has been spent on defining marketing objectives and scope of work, identifying a consultant group to develop a specific marketing plan related to social media, and getting ideas where the council might start its work, noting there are no marketing professionals within any of the organizations. Randy clarified they are not looking for a traditional marketing plan, but a cost effective approach. He expects to have a plan by early summer to obtain pricing and establish funding by the various organizations to execute.

Wildlife Discussion

Bill Andree with Colorado Division of Wildlife joined the meeting to speak about mountain lion and bear activity in the area. He said as the grass becomes green in the spring, deer come down and there could be more mountain lion sightings. Bill stressed the importance of taking down bird feeders that attract raccoon and red fox which are prey for mountain lions. Jim Clancy added that trash being brought out early also attracts these animals and has a ripple effect. Bill advised the more elaborately landscaped a yard is, the more places an animal can hide. He affirmed that small pets should not be left out at dawn and dusk. In the unlikely event of a bear or mountain lion attack, Bill advised fighting back. He suggested taking ski poles on walks for defense if needed. Various means of deterrence were discussed including lacrosse balls, golf balls, and frozen or cayenne paintballs. When asked about the mountain lion hunting season, Bill explained it begins around Thanksgiving and is based on a quota system. In Eagle County, the quota is usually met by January 15th. Jim Clancy emphasized timely reporting of any sightings to Public Safety so they are able to convey this information immediately to the Department of Wildlife.

Committees (Continued)

Strategic Planning: Randy Smith commented that Strategic Objectives is the critical document that will be communicated to inform homeowners of the adopted strategies. He clarified the tasks document is segregated by activities that require capital and those that are operating expense oriented. George Coleman asked that the most current documents be resent to the Board specifying what the committee would like addressed. Dan Gallagher added a subcommittee has been formed with a good balance of property owners to work on short-term rentals. He further noted there will be a pool feasibility subcommittee. An additional subcommittee will work on putting together a transportation study pertaining to connectivity to Beaver Creek and the valley.

Landscaping/Beautification/Image: Patty Strunk reported the flowers at the center of the front entrance will be moved closer to the trees leaving green space toward the highway. The flowers at the intersection of Arrowhead Drive and Sawatch Drive will have a lower profile for better visibility. In regard to the landscaping project on Cresta Road between the playground and Alpine Club, the contractor has asked to start earlier than previously scheduled on April 16th. The Board was in agreement for the contractor to proceed. George Coleman suggested reinstating waiving DRC fees associated with removal of cottonwood and fruit bearing trees noting the application process would remain in effect.

Dan Gallagher moved to waive DRC fees for the removal of Cottonwood and fruit bearing trees from April 2, 2018 to November 15, 2018; however, the application process will remain a requirement. Patty Strunk seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

HOA Presidents Council: Tim Gropp said there was a great response to the inaugural meeting. At future meetings in July and November there will be Design Review Guideline and Strategic Planning updates as well as focus areas. The council objective is to identify common concerns. The top five issues raised were roof and boiler replacement, identifying reliable contractors, short-term rentals, parking, and driveway repaving.


Cathie Bennett gave an overview of financials through February 28, 2018, noting RETA is slightly behind. Erin McCauley estimated $100,000 will be received by the end of May. All annual assessment invoices have been sent and approximately 100 remain outstanding. A follow-up reminder will be sent to those in arrears this week.

Other Business

George Coleman reiterated his request for assistance compiling a list of residents within the community including their background and expertise.

There being no further business, Patty Strunk made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Randy Smith seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned at 10:40 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Floyd
Secretary to the Meeting