April 23, 2018 Minutes – Approved

A meeting of the Board of Directors of Arrowhead at Vail Association (the “Association”) was held on Monday, April 23, 2018.  In attendance was Board member, George Coleman.  In attendance by phone were Board members Dan Gallagher, Cathie Bennett, Patty Strunk, and Randy Smith, and Dick Bourret representing Arrowhead Metro District.  Also in attendance were Jerry Hensel, Association Manager, Jim Clancy, Director of Public Safety, Sid Schultz with Design Review Administration, Erin McCauley, Financial Analyst, and Carol Floyd, Secretary to the Meeting. The meeting was called to order at 9:01 a.m., and it was noted a quorum was present.  Introductions were made.

Public Comment

Dick Bourret informed the Board due to a shortage of parking for Village core homeowners and tenants, the Arrowhead Metro District (“AMD”) will allow those parties to park overnight in the skier parking lot.  It was noted those vehicles will be identified with hang tags.  Dick raised the issue of light outages on upper Cresta Road.  Jerry Hensel explained all lightbulbs have been changed, and it has been determined some light posts are not connected to power.  He said it will be discussed further in this week’s AMD meeting.  Dick reported usage of the bus to Vail was down this winter.  He affirmed the AMD Board has committed to providing this service next ski season.  With Dick’s term on the AMD Board nearing an end, George thanked him for his service on behalf of the community and the Association. 

Design Review

George gave an update on the revision of the Design Guidelines, stating the first draft has been received and reviewed, and a second draft is expected next week.  Sid spoke about a dispute in regard to whether there are building envelopes in Arrowhead.  Mauriello Planning Group, which is consulting on the revision of guidelines, has indicated the plats do not show building envelopes.  Sid noted the Design Review Administration (“DRA”) has received numerous surveys which show building envelopes.  He further noted the 1998 guidelines referred to a lot analysis plan that showed building envelopes on every lot and that this language no longer exists in the 2005 guidelines.  Sid reported this matter has been discussed, and consensus is “building envelopes,” though indicated by some surveyors, were/are not actually part of the original, previously revised or proposed Design Guidelines or PUD.  The size of homes will be controlled by building and impervious coverage, setbacks, and easements on each site.  Sid referred to one home currently under construction and proposed plans for another home which are designed to a building envelope.  Once the new guidelines take effect, Sid recommended notifying all surveyors in the valley that building envelopes no longer exist in Arrowhead.  George suggested informing any property owner in the planning stage of their options to design under the current guidelines or wait for the revised guidelines.  The implications of this change in the guidelines to home remodeling, expansions, teardowns, and fencing was discussed.  Cathie Bennett will provide the Board with an Executive Summary of the revised guidelines.

George Coleman spoke about the Design Review Committee experiencing difficulty acquiring a quorum. Two members have decided to step down when a suitable replacement is found.  In accordance with DRC Chairman David Cooper’s recommendation George proposed appointing Campbell Frye, an architect with Shepherd Resources who has been on the Design Guidelines update committee. 

The Board voted unanimously in favor of appointing Campbell Frye to the AVA Design Review Committee.

George Coleman proposed appointing AVA Past President Chip Spratlen, who has participated on the Design Guidelines update committee and has extensive experience in construction.

The Board voted unanimously in favor of appointing Chip Spratlen to the AVA Design Review Committee.

George Coleman clarified that the Design Review Committee is a one-year term and appointment and must be renewed annually or new appointments made.  He proposed reappointing David Cooper, Gail Gelfand, and Kathy Alto.

The Board voted unanimously in favor of reappointing David Cooper, Gail Gelfand, and Kathy Alto to the Arrowhead Design Review Committee.

George Coleman informed the Board he will ask Terry Scanlan and Bert Solomon to remain available as alternates on the DRC, and Cathie Bennett to continue as liaison from the Board to the DRC.

Public Safety

Jim Clancy referred to a communication in regard to the new keypad system and requirements for calling in guests and accessing the community.  He asked for clarification as to whether the names of every passenger in a vehicle should be required or that of the driver only.  George Coleman shared his opinion that the driver’s information should be sufficient with Public Safety using their discretion whether further information is needed.  The Board was in agreement.  Randy Smith suggested adding language specific to contractors and service providers.  Jim will send the revised communication to the Board for approval before it is disseminated to property owners. 


Public Safety:  Patty Strunk relayed a property owner’s concern relating to potential unauthorized vehicles entering through the northeast gate grassy area, and their suggestion of placing boulders or trees to obstruct entry.  George Coleman tabled this matter until Patty is able to inspect the site and make a recommendation to the Board. 


Hiking – Jerry Hensel said he has received and is reviewing the agreement for construction of the hiking trails with signature anticipated this week.  The construction team will commence approximately May 1st.  They have hiked the path and identified some alignment issues to be addressed on the Comanche portion.  Jerry is estimating completion of three miles of trail this summer including Upper Choctaw, Comanche, and the Kiowa interconnect to the Village-to-Village Trail.  Construction of the Apache and Lower Choctaw trails will depend on timing and funds available. Jerry informed the Board Bachelor Gulch Village Association has committed to funding the Kiowa interconnect portion of the trails.  Disappointment was expressed during additional discussion that Bachelor Gulch’s financial participation was limited to the “connector.” Dan Gallagher stressed the importance of the trails being groomable in the winter.  Dan suggested consideration of recognizing Colorado Native American tribes in naming some of the trails. 

Tennis – Jerry Hensel stated resurfacing of the clay courts will begin May 8th, to get courts 1 and 2 up and playable prior to Memorial Day while more extensive work is performed on courts 3 and 4.  Ten tons of clay will be replaced on Court 3 and fifteen tons will be replaced on Court 4.  George added once complete, courts 3 and 4 will be played lightly until they have stabilized.  The western tennis and pickle ball courts are up and playable now with equipment available. George announced Cliff Drysdale will be coming for a meet and greet hosted by Arrowhead along with invitations to the other clubs.

FAC – George Coleman said Vail Resorts has committed to hold Friday Afternoon Club two dates in July and two dates in August including music and staffing for $2K per event.  Food and beverage will be available for purchase.  George presented ten events proposed by the Activities Committee totaling $445.  He asked the Board for approval of $600 for these events and potential for additional events. 

Bravo Bus – George Coleman welcomed discussion in regard to funding a shuttle to and from ten Bravo events at approximately $70 per hour or $350 per event.  Dan suggested allocating amongst different days of the week.  George explained a mix of events have been chosen by members of the community who are very involved with Bravo.  The Board was in agreement to proceed with the shuttle if funding is available.

Snow: The committee has emphasized the number one threat to Arrowhead is climate and its effect on ski conditions.  They have proposed the Association and AMD invest with Vail Resorts on snowmaking improvements.  The Board was in agreement to table this proposal in order to prioritize those initiatives which have been undertaken and are within the Strategic Plan and to determine if this fits into future strategic planning. 

Strategic Planning: Dan Gallagher asked for approval to adopt the Strategic Objectives as presented. 

Motion was made by Randy Smith to adopt the Strategic Objectives as presented.  George Coleman seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved. 

Two changes to the Strategic Objectives were suggested.

George Coleman moved to adopt the Strategic Objectives as amended.  Randy Smith seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

Pool – The committee has met and identified questions and what appurtenances would be included in the project.  Jerry Hensel has solicited quotes which are expected next week.  The committee will reconvene before presenting the Board with a recommendation of feasibility and various funding scenarios.  The Board will inform the community of their findings and set forth a property owner vote if the project is deemed viable to move forward.

Short-term Rentals – Because this committee is newly formed, Dan Gallagher requested withdrawal of the committee report until more information is obtained.  He said there is work to be done on the approach of the process, determining direction and how to engage the community, before addressing the legal issues.  George Coleman encouraged the Board to look at vail.gov and avon.org for their policies and guidelines on short-term rentals.

Image/Landscaping/Beautification: Jerry Hensel reported the Cresta project is progressing well.  Patty Strunk said flower pots will again be placed at the base of the lift.  Tree trimming was discussed, and George Coleman recommended trimming around stop signs for a clearer view of the signs and intersections.  Jerry said trees will be assessed for trimming as they get their leaves for clean-up before Memorial Day.  Jerry announced a new company will maintain the common areas and irrigation within the community.  This will include lawn maintenance, spring clean-up, irrigation start-up and maintenance, two fertilizer and herbicide applications, pruning of all trees and shrub beds, fall clean-up, aeration, power raking, and irrigation blow-out.  Roots Garden will continue planting and maintaining all flower beds.  Tree spraying will be performed on any scale infected trees in common areas.  Discussion took place in regard to enforcement of guidelines pertaining to exterior maintenance of properties.  It was determined this is the responsibility of the Board.  George Coleman will circulate correspondence to address one such issue for the Board’s approval.  Dan Gallagher asked if the DRC has a process for monitoring compliance.  Sid Schultz answered the DRC has resolved these matters should be addressed by the authority of the Association in accordance with the Bylaws.  George Coleman asked Patty Strunk to convene a committee to walk the community and note any maintenance issues. 

Nominating: Nothing to report.

Inter-community Council: Randy Smith welcomed comments relating to the current draft of the agenda for the upcoming meeting.

Finance: George Coleman presented a request for waiver of a real estate transfer assessment (“RETA”).  In this case there was a change of ownership within a family.  The Association’s legal counsel has advised it qualifies for exemption under one section of the Resolution and the recommendation is to grant a waiver.  The Board was in agreement.

Financials:  Cathie Bennett reported nearly all annual assessments have been collected.  RETA continues to lag slightly behind. $60K in RETA is currently pending receipt by the end of May.  Erin McCauley spoke about a $248K CD which matured with Wells Fargo on April 20th.  She recommended reinvesting for a three-year term with Discover Bank providing for the three existing CDs to mature consecutively from 2019 to 2021.

The Board voted unanimously in favor of reinvesting $248K in a three-year CD with Discover Bank to mature 2021.

Dan Gallagher inquired if there is a sense of current inventory of properties for sale in Arrowhead, and Cathie Bennett offered to gather information for the next meeting. Discussion took place regarding an additional $7K needed to fund the shuttle to Bravo, activities, and one additional FAC event which was not budgeted for.  The Board requested the Finance Committee examine the budget for any surplus monies to support the aforementioned activities.  George Coleman proposed, for future consideration, budgeting for two tube slides to be installed next summer along the slope next to Broken Arrow with removal in the winter. 

Other Business:

George Coleman affirmed the policy of attorney engagement and the requirement of Board authorization. He further explained the protocol to be followed.  An email including an explanation of such request can be filtered through the current president or Carol Floyd for the entire Board’s advance approval.  The Board was in agreement with this policy.

There being no further business, motion was made by Dan Gallagher to adjourn the meeting.  Patty Strunk seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned at 10:34 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Floyd, Secretary to the Meeting