February 25, 2019 Minutes – Approved

A meeting of the Board of Directors of Arrowhead at Vail Association (the “Association”) was held on Monday, February 25, 2019. Board members present were Dan Gallagher, Cathie Bennett, George Bigley and Diane Loosbrock. Board members in attendance by phone were Chad Hollingsworth, Randy Smith, and Tim Gropp. Also in attendance by phone were Jerry Hensel, Association Manager, and Erin McCauley, Financial Analyst. Also present were Sid Schultz with Design Review Administration, Koby Kenny, Director of Base Area Operations, Gary Shimanowitz, Vice President of Mountain Operations, Richard Cottrell, property owner, and Carol Floyd, Secretary for the Meeting. The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m., and it was noted a quorum was present. Introductions were made.

Public Comment

Dan Gallagher asked Gary Shimanowitz for an overview of safety measures being taken on Arrowhead Mountain. Gary explained slope safety statistics including collisions, accident data, and where people are getting hurt are analyzed every two weeks to look for trends and opportunities to intervene. Gary said over the past five years, there has been a decline in collisions in Arrowhead. Beaver Creek has had approximately half the number of collisions compared to this time last year and the accident rate per thousand guests is also down. In response to recent incidents, merge and slow signs have been moved and a “No Straightlining” sign was placed at the top of Arrowhead and is visible from the chairlift. The Mountain Safety people have been asked to spend additional time in Arrowhead. Koby Kenny added that the yellow baffling was doubled this year in Arrowhead. Randy Smith asked about the guidelines yellow jackets follow for stopping skiers who engage in unsafe practices and whether that activity is tracked. Gary said Mountain Safety patrols the slow zones and has the authority to give warnings and suspend passes for repeat offenders. This information is kept in a database shared across all of Vail Resorts. Gary added a slope safety class is required in some instances before a pass is returned. The Mountain Safety Manager distributes a Contact Report every Monday. Randy asked how many hours per day Arrowhead Mountain is staffed to police skier safety. Gary explained, they leave the locker room in Beaver Creek at 8:00 a.m. and take Chair 12 to Bachelor Gulch and then over to Arrowhead to put up signs. They rotate patrolling between Bachelor Gulch and Arrowhead until Ski Patrol sweeps the mountain at 4:30 p.m. Randy will work with Gary on a skier safety overview to send to the community. George Bigley suggested adding the Responsibility Code to the communication.

Richard Cottrell expressed concern about people violating guest parking in Village Townhomes III garage. Discussion took place in regard to guest access. Dan Gallagher stated several communications have been emailed explaining the new system and protocol. Jerry Hensel clarified, all garages in the Village are monitored by their respective HOAs and everyone parked in those garages should have an owner or guest tag. If there is a vehicle illegally parked, the HOA must contact Public Safety to issue a violation. Jerry Hensel will follow-up with Arrowhead Property Management in regard to Mr. Cottrell’s grievance.


Tim Gropp reviewed the financials as of January 31, 2019 noting $1m in Accounts Receivable from collection of the annual assessment. He reported on the Income Statement, real estate transfer assessments (“RETA”) are slightly ahead of budget. He noted the unfavorable variance for trash removal is because Vail Honeywagon has been undercharging on residential pick-ups according to the contract. Jerry Hensel is investigating this matter and will report back to the Board. In regard to a request for funding transportation for specific summer dates, Tim said that would likely be possible. He said the request for proceeding with an additional entrance monument would require further Board discussion.

Design Review

Sid Schultz conveyed the Design Review Committee’s (“DRC”) decision in regard to construction hours and parking regulations within the community. After considerable discussion and review of construction hours in neighboring communities, DRC has decided there will be no change to the current construction hours. They emphasized no construction vehicles should be allowed through the gates before 7:30 a.m. and Sid has relayed this to Public Safety. Dan Gallagher referenced DRC’s request for Public Safety to monitor and enforce construction parking regulations. Discussion took place pertaining to the fine structure. Jerry Hensel noted contractors are notified in advance of the necessity to ride share, park offsite, and transport multiple employees in one vehicle. He recommended holding firm on this issue. Randy expressed his opinion that this matter should be looked at from the viewpoint of those who live on the affected street. Dan asked Cathie Bennett and Jerry Hensel to revisit construction parking noting it is within DRC’s jurisdiction. Sid stated there are two new homes going through the approval process.

Public Safety

Koby Kenny noted discrepancies on the Activity Report are attributed to staffing challenges earlier in the year. He said Public Safety is now fully staffed. Craig Boss has been hired back and has familiarity with the community and homeowners. On the January complaint log, Dan Gallagher pointed out there was only one incident that involved a rental guest.


Activities: Michelle Horton has suggested moving Friday Afternoon Club (“FAC”) to Thursday Afternoon Club to eliminate competition with other FACs in the valley and get greater participation.

Diane Loosbrock moved to approve the schedule of Thursday Afternoon Club events as proposed by Michelle Horton. Randy Smith seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

Strategic Planning: Diane Loosbrock stated the first meeting of the year will be held on March 18th. She described the diverse group of committee members. Dan Gallagher asked the Board to review the Strategic Objectives with Tasks and to reimagine what might enhance property values and the experience of Arrowhead owners and families. He requested these suggestions be given to Diane before the March meeting. Diane spoke about transportation for select Bravo! events. She has received an offer from Bravo!’s Executive Director and/or Artistic Director to speak about the upcoming season at Alpine Club Wine and Cheese or Country Club of the Rockies. There is the possibility of someone from Bravo! riding the shuttle to talk about each evening’s performance. Diane said they may offer a promo such as a free glass of wine or concession discount for those who ride the shuttle. Erin McCauley confirmed the Association budgeted for four events. Diane will confirm dates and send this information to the Board.

Nominating Committee Members: Diane Loosbrock reported the Call for Candidates communication has been updated. Dan Gallagher proposed sending it next week if Diane receives no further comments.

Image / Beautification: Cathie Bennett and Jerry Hensel will meet with Wendy from Roots Landscaping. She noted Dan Gallagher’s request to add shielding of the east end facilities area to the agenda. Depending on the Association’s financial status later in the year, Cathie suggested consideration of an additional entrance monument. Randy Smith noted a high probability of changing the Arrowhead logo font within the next year or two. Jerry Hensel said he will be meeting with Innovative Lighting Consultants and expects to receive a lighting proposal before next month’s Board meeting.

Communications: Randy Smith informed the Board the subject of the committee’s next meeting will be segregating communication between events and official business. He said there will likely be shorter, more frequent communication. Fresh Tape Media were in the valley on Thursday for a photo shoot and were able to capture indoor shots. Because the weather was not favorable for outdoor photography, they will return this week. Randy anticipates a mid-March soft launch of the Instagram and Facebook pages. A two to six week event and announcement calendar will be posted. They will be looking at new opportunities including utilization of Nextdoor.com and MyEmma. Randy said they intend to explore options for a more cost effective website provider. Dan Gallagher asked Jerry Hensel about the status of retrieving an Arrowhead sub map from the Beaver Creek trail map. Jerry explained the challenge being the western half of Arrowhead is cut off on the map, and they are determining if it will be possible to expand the map to show the entire community. He confirmed the new trail will be included on the summer trail map. Dan Gallagher suggested installing a wildlife sign at the entrance of the new trail and Jerry agreed to coordinate this signage.

Public Safety: Cathie Bennett announced Host Compliance and Short-term Rental Helper have merged. They will provide a proposal for review by the next Board meeting. Cathie relayed safety concerns by women at the Seasons and lack of enforcement of rules and regulations by the management company. Dan Gallagher suggested Tim Gropp address this issue at the next HOA Presidents Council meeting.

There being no further business, Cathie Bennett moved to adjourn the meeting. Diane Loosbrock seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned at 11:08 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Floyd

Secretary to the Meeting