March 9, 2020 Board Minutes

A meeting of the Board of Directors of Arrowhead at Vail Association (the “Association”) was held on Monday, March 9, 2020.  Board members present were Randy Smith, Diane Loosbrock, Mary Pat Rapp, Mark Noble, Tim Gropp, and George Bigley.  Board member, Chad Hollingsworth attended via phone.  Also present were Jerry Hensel, Association Manager, Koby Kenny, Director of Public Safety, Sid Schultz with Design Review Administration, Bob Shafer representing Arrowhead Metro District, Dan Gallagher, Ex Officio, and Carol Floyd, Secretary to the Meeting.  The meeting was called to order at 9:58 a.m.

Public Comment
Bob Shafer gave a status update on the Hwy 6 project.  A project team has been assembled.  The strategic objectives are resident safety and ease of crossing Hwy 6, easier and faster access into and out of Arrowhead by addressing left turns, and slowing speed on Hwy 6.  The intent points in the direction of a roundabout as the best solution.  Potential stakeholders have been identified.  Property owners involved include Arrowhead Metro District (“AMD”), Country Club of the Rockies, Vail Resorts, and CDOT.  No acquisition costs are anticipated for the right of way.  The estimated cost is $1.5M of which $150K in predevelopment expense would be incurred this year.  Bob and Randy Smith are meeting with Eagle County and Edwards Metro District representatives today.  Next steps will be to determine project support from stakeholders and whether the project will proceed.  If the project moves forward, it is expected to take 18 months to complete.  A tunnel would be considered as a backup plan.  Randy added that this topic will be an important component of the summer Town Hall Meeting to receive property owner feedback.

Design Review
Sid Shultz notified the Board of a few amendments to the Design Regulations approved by the Design Review Committee (“DRC”) that will be posted to the Design Review website this week.  DRC continues to address duplex improvements on a case-by-case basis to ensure compatibility.  One side of the duplex at 201 Riverbend is expected to request a one-year extension to paint the exterior when their remodel is complete.

Public Safety
Koby Kenny reviewed the Complaint Log and Activity Report.  He explained the decrease in Public Safety Services was a result of fewer unlock requests and smoke and fire checks.  Mark Noble spoke about an incident that occurred where a semi-truck was misdirected and became stuck on Aspen Ridge blocking access to several homes for a few hours.  He asked if Public Safety should be doing anything differently. Koby said, depending on where they are going and the familiarity of the driver, an escort may be appropriate.  Tim Gropp asked Koby to provide a breakdown of parking activity for the Village vs. the rest of the community.

Committee Reports
Lighting: Jerry Hensel gave a preliminary lighting cost update.  The cost breakdown between entities for the engraved light fixtures is estimated to be as follows: the Association $300K to $400K, AMD $200K, Village at Arrowhead Association (“VAA”) $170K for the Village, and Vail Resorts $60K for the Alpine Club parking lot.  Jerry added there are also less customized and less expensive options.  He is waiting for pricing to reface the existing pilasters with rock.  If possible, the existing hoods will be utilized.  New larger hoods would cost $2K each and 50 would be needed.  It was noted the new color scheme and script will be used.  Randy asked Jerry Hensel to put together photos of each lighting fixture option with pricing for each Board member, AMD, and VAA to review.  Randy requested the Board drive by the lighting color solutions installed at the corner of Wildflower Place and Sawatch Drive, and at the intersection of Sawatch Drive and Arrowhead Drive, at night, and provide their feedback to Jerry Hensel.

HOA Presidents Council: Mary Pat Rapp relayed questions from the Council.  Jerry Hensel explained the fire mitigation plan is managed by an outside consultant and has been focused on Cresta Road and the perimeter of Arrowhead, noting it does not include private property.  Diane Loosbrock suggested the consultant or fire marshal attend the Town Hall meeting to give an informational presentation.  Jerry said he will be doing a drive-around with Kathy Aalto from Ceres Landcare to evaluate landscaping throughout the community, with focus on entryways and roadways.  Her observations will be shared with the Board for their consideration.  Jerry clarified boundaries for which the Village Association is responsible. Mary Pat passed on a complaint regarding snowmobiles on Intertwine in the early morning hours.  She mentioned a request to repaint the bicycle safety signage on Cresta Road.  Jerry replied AMD does this on an annual basis.  Discussion took place regarding maintenance of hiking trails.  Jerry explained Vail Resorts maintains the trails they build, and Arrowhead is responsible for maintaining the trails they have funded to be built.  He said current AMD staffing levels are insufficient to adequately maintain the Arrowhead trails. Various suggestions were made in regard to volunteer trail maintenance opportunities within the community.  Randy requested Mary Pat and Jerry work on a recommended solution for the Board’s consideration.

Strategic Planning: Mark Noble shared a spreadsheet he encouraged all committees to use for consistency.  The Committee is on track with an update of the Mission, Vision, and Branding statement.  The strategic review is on schedule and updates will be forthcoming.   Changes have been made to the database supporting the real estate evaluation.

Communications: Diane Loosbrock stated the online directory and calendar are complete.  She is awaiting pricing to add a search by address feature.  There will be unique individual passwords to protect property owners’ privacy.  Diane shared options being considered for changes to the color and script used for newsletters, website, letterhead, and signage.  George Bigley commented on the color green being a differentiator from the black and gold scheme used in Beaver Creek.   Diane presented static decals of ThisisArrowhead that are on display in many Village core business windows. Further distribution was discussed.  Fresh Tape media is now providing monthly reports on Facebook and Instagram hits, and call-ins every two weeks.  She will include these reports in the Board package going forward. She asked for input to transition social media from winter to spring.  Diane said the person designing the Association newsletter will begin handling distribution.  Before email addresses can be shared for this purpose, a non-disclosure agreement must be signed.  Diane asked for ideas for inclusion in the upcoming newsletter and Town Hall agenda items.  Dates for Thursday Afternoon Club (“ThAC”) are being finalized.  Dan Gallagher suggested moving to a Saturday Afternoon Club.  There is a problem with Broken Arrow staffing on that day which will have to be investigated.

Erin McCauley reviewed the financials as of January 31, 2020.  Expenses are in line with budget.  $47K has been received in real estate transfer assessments (“RETA”) compared to $15K through January of last year.   The budget for RETA through March is $165K, and $340K is anticipated by month end.  Tim Gropp and Erin will email a summary of February and first-quarter financials to the Board as soon as they are available. Tim briefed the Board on the Finance Committee meeting and their objectives to improve communication around the budget process, connect with the Strategic Planning Committee, and develop a long-term planning process. Actions will include identifying and documenting all ongoing maintenance contracts and obligations, identification of assets and lifecycle replacement timelines and funding, and creation of a prioritized strategic project pipeline.  Tim will present a proposal of the process at the next Board meeting.

Old Business
Short-term Rentals: Jerry Hensel reported there are 157 rentals being advertised today and 132 are registered.

Transportation: Season-to-date inter-village ridership is up 8%, the ski shuttle is up 25%, and Arrowhead to Beaver Creek is up 11%.  For night service, there have been 1,400 riders to date. Dan Gallagher spoke about no-shows on the skier shuttle.  Jerry will follow-up with Arrowhead Public Safety regarding the reservation process. Diane Loosbrock will submit a schedule to AMD for their consideration to sponsor the Bravo and summer holiday shuttles.

Drysdale Tennis Update: Jerry Hensel announced Mike Torres will return to oversee the kid’s camp and Han Lee will be the new tennis pro this summer.  Randy requested Jerry get a photo of Han and that she provide a schedule soon.

Arrowhead Map: Jerry Hensel said the summer and winter maps are complete. Diane Loosbrock requested the new color scheme and script be incorporated once they are approved.  Dan Gallagher asked if the Ute return trail could be added to the map, and Jerry advised against it because the ability to groom that portion of the trail is uncertain at this time. George Bigley noted the yurt should be removed from the summer map and relocated on the winter map.  Randy Smith said the Communication Committee will discuss what will go on the back of the maps and make a recommendation.

Village Fire Pit: Jerry Hensel informed the Board that the fire pit is now operational with timers to automatically shut off at 9:00 p.m.

AVA Operations Objectives Work Plan: Mark Noble reviewed a spreadsheet he created including all operating objectives and tasks.  He proposed each committee use the spreadsheet to update status monthly.  He offered to work with each Board members to add two or three milestones for each objective, and will present the final document at the next Board meeting.  Randy Smith asked the Board to think about timelines for various tasks related to deliverable and completion dates.  Chad Hollingsworth suggested using Slack or Microsoft Teams to share documents, and offered to give a demo.

New Business
Vail Recreation District Trail Running Series: Randy Smith relayed a proposal from the Vail Recreation District to hold a half-marathon trail run that would start and finish at the base of Arrowhead Mountain on August 29, 2020.  Jerry Hensel voiced concern related to parking, infrastructure and logistical challenges.  At the Board’s direction, Jerry will proceed to get further information. Jerry said Mountain Rec has proposed a Mountain Goat Kid’s Trail Run to coincide with a ThAC event.  Mark Noble asked for permission to allow the high school track team to use the Ute Trail two or three times this season.

Summer Town Hall Meeting: Randy Smith shared his thoughts that the Summer Town Hall meeting will involve full engagement and participation by all Board members.  In checking everyone’s schedules, July was chosen.  Jerry Hensel and Carol Floyd will send the Board a couple of options to select a date.  Randy suggested coordinating the meeting prior to a ThAC event.  Randy is currently building a Town Hall agenda for the Board to discuss.

Tennessee Pass Railroad Status: Randy Smith spoke about a company that is pursuing the purchase and reactivation of the Tennessee Railroad.  It would carry freight and should be of less volume than the previous railroad during the 1990s.  Investigation of this transaction is ongoing.

Mountain Improvements:  Dan Gallagher talked about previous requests of Vail Resorts to put a glade run in the trees between Cresta and Golden Bear runs, and to create a kid’s zone.  Ski School declined proceeding with a kid’s zone.  Gary Shimanowitz said they are open to making a glade run if the Association would like to pay for clearing that area, noting Vail Resorts owns the mountain and permitting would not be required.  Dan said Vail Resorts has agreed to move the boundary near the yurt next fall to include some of the gladed area below.

There being no further business, Randy Smith moved to adjourn the meeting.  Tim Gropp seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned at 12:33 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Floyd

Secretary for the Meeting