June 22, 2020 Board Minutes – Approved

Minutes of the Arrowhead at Vail Association Board of Directors Meeting held June 22, 2020 via Videoconference

A meeting of the Board of Directors of Arrowhead at Vail Association (the “Association”) was held on Monday, June 22, 2020 via videoconference. Board members present were Randy Smith, Diane Loosbrock, Mary Pat Rapp, Mark Noble, Tim Gropp, and Chad Hollingsworth. Also present were Jerry Hensel, Association Manager, Steve Nusbaum, Sr. Manager of Design Review Administration, Sid Schultz with Design Review Administration, Dan Gallagher, Ex Officio, Kevin Hopkins, Financial Analyst, George Coleman, property owner, Bob Shafer, representing Arrowhead Metro District, and Carol Floyd, Secretary for the Meeting. The meeting was called to order at 10:04 a.m.

Design Review
Sid Schultz reported there have been several requests for color changes. There has been a request from the east side residence at 201 Riverbend Drive for an extension to paint their exterior to allow for a remodel first. The Design Review Committee (“DRC”) denied their request for an extension and suggested they submit remodel plans for approval by January 2021 including exterior paint as part of the project. Sid noted if the remodel plans are not approved by January 2021, DRC may seek guidance from the Association Board to take further action to ensure the duplex matches in color. Revised plans for 201 Aspen Meadow were discussed. Randy Smith asked about the feasibility of providing a broad color palette of choices to select from to expedite the approval process. Sid said the current trend is white stucco and dark trim. The DRC is not in favor of white colors, particularly when they are surrounded by snow in the wintertime. Steve Nusbaum added that color is a very subjective area where the Design Guidelines do not provide much guidance. Steve followed up on a question raised in the Board meeting pertaining to DRC fees year over year. He explained a couple of factors responsible for the approximate $5K difference. Fees were initially deferred during the pandemic and are now being collected, and last year there were a couple of projects larger in scope.

Public Safety
Koby Kenny informed the Board that he was able to bring on the former gate technician as a contractor. The east gate is operational and parts have been ordered for the Wildflower gate. Koby said going forward, if there is extended downtime, a communication will be sent explaining the issues and timeline for repair. He reported one Public Safety officer was brought back from furlough this week, and two additional will return soon. Diane Loosbrock spoke about an incident she witnessed that was reported and is not documented on the Activity Report or Complaint Log. She mentioned another incident where someone entered through the main gate and was waving a “Black Guns Matter” t-shirt. Koby said the Sheriff was called to address this person. Randy Smith requested Koby and Jerry Hensel provide more readily available repairs and, for financial planning purposes, an estimated cost for quicker opening and closing gates. Dan Gallagher commented that this was researched a few years ago and quotes were obtained. Jerry noted the Vail Resorts gate technician who supports all three communities is currently on furlough. Diane Loosbrock suggested placement of speed bumps before the gates to deter tailgating. Mark inquired if there is a policy requiring non-residents to go through the main gate and register. He added there is opportunity for communication in regard to this matter. Jerry Hensel spoke about the challenge of homeowners who reside near the east and west gates sharing gate codes with their contractors. Randy Smith suggested this requirement be covered in preconstruction meetings, including the potential for fines. Sid Schultz agreed to have the Compliance Officer add this topic to future preconstruction meetings.

Public Comment
Bob Shafer gave an Arrowhead Metro District (“AMD”) update. The parking lot has been paved and it turned out nicely. Repairs on other roads were approved at the last meeting. Bob asked that any comments or complaints go to Jerry or himself. The audit has been completed with nothing to report or restate. The new sales tax will be collected beginning July 1st. A 50% unfavorable variance in sales tax revenue is being forecasted because of short-term rentals. Bob announced Country Club of the Rockies (“CCR”) is doing a wine and cheese event for the community on Wednesdays.

Summer Maintenance: Jerry Hensel said flower planting will be complete by Friday. The landscape maintenance company has a new mow crew and is doing a good job. The color change transition is approximately 30% complete. With Vail Resorts’ sign shop now open, signage will begin to transition with new color and lettering.

Lighting: Innovative Lighting is looking into an affordable lamp post. Jerry has located alternative options with other companies if needed. Jerry said consensus among the Board was to go with white lighting.

Landscaping Proposal: Kathy Aalto is proposing $12K to develop a master plan. Jerry Hensel spoke about her commitment to the community and his comfort level with her and Ceres Landcare.

Short-term Rentals: Nearly 75% of rentals have been identified. The contract is up for renewal on June 28, 2020. AMD will receive a separate invoice for administration of tax. The Association will invoice AMD for half of the address identification service. Jerry informed the Board Host Compliance has merged with Granicus.

HOA Presidents Council: Mary Pat Rapp will schedule a meeting when she returns from a family emergency.

Hiking: Mary Pat Rapp will be recruiting Alpine Club members and Arrowhead residents to work with the Adopt-A-Trail program on the Ute, Cherokee, and playground trails. It requires two volunteer days per year. If acceptable, the program will place a sign at the base of each trail noting who it has been adopted by. Randy Smith suggested information regarding the Adopt-A-Trail program be included in the next newsletter. Mary Pat talked about the need for winter signage on the Ute Trail.

Strategic Planning: Mark Noble said the committee is currently working on updating the SWOT and Strategic Plan. He will incorporate the Past Presidents comments. He anticipates the completion of a first draft of the key strategic objectives for next year, including a cost estimate, before the July Finance Committee meeting.

Communications: Diane Loosbrock talked about the newsletter in progress. She will be adding an announcement about the 4th of July bike parade. She asked if the Board would like the CCR wine and cheese event included and they affirmed. She mentioned that Mary Pat Rapp wrote an awesome summary of the Ute Trail that will be included in the newsletter and posted on the website under Hiking. The website is in the process of being updated. Diane requested the Board alert her of any further revisions needed. Diane spoke about social media reports received from Fresh Tape and the reasons behind declining numbers. They are going to come up to capture some fresh content and she will suggest they get pictures of the parade.

Nominating: Diane Loosbrock said she recently received a couple of names for potential Board candidates.

Past Presidents Council: Dan Gallagher said the Council had a good discussion in regard to expediting certain DRB

Kevin Hopkins reviewed the financials as of May 31, 2020. On the Balance Sheet, he noted there is $30,800 in annual assessment that have not been collected. He will research what notices have been sent, and will inquire with the Broomfield team to determine if further action is needed. On the Income Statement, Kevin reported an unfavorable variance in real estate transfer assessments (“RETA”) with zero received in the month of May. He further noted there are 10 properties currently under contract. Expenses are slightly favorable to budget. Additional expense savings are reflected in the yearend forecast as a result of events that have been canceled.
Tim Gropp noted the RETA forecast is based on everything in the pipeline. Trash removal was taken out of expense savings. Savings in Public Safety will need to be confirmed. Tim said he will continue to update the Expense Savings spreadsheet. The Finance Committee will meet in July, concurrent with budget planning activities. Tim spoke about meetings with Citywide Bank, ANB, and Alpine Bank, and discussions with the Vail Resorts Finance team. Tim reported The Vail Corporation Management Agreement is going through the corporate approval process.
Randy Smith spoke about the status of the pool opening and feedback received in regard to the delay. He anticipates the pool to open around July 1st with a reservation system in place to limit the number of people. He talked about the current and likely future environment, and importance of providing a recreational facility that is safe and attractive to families and home buyers. He suggested the Strategic Planning Committee revisit the topic of constructing an additional pool. Tim Gropp commented that the high cost of the previously proposed pool was because of the location selected. Other locations and proximity to parking were discussed. George Coleman will provide Mark Noble with documents from the former plan.

Old Business
Tennis: Jerry Hensel informed the Board. Han Lee, the Tennis Pro, has been unable to leave New Zealand because of the pandemic. In the interim, Cliff Drysdale has sent Peyton Smith to run the kids camp, and Michael Torres is managing the tennis program. Kids Camp is offering six-kid tennis-only clinics, with morning and afternoon sessions.

Arrowhead Map: Diane Loosbrock asked for input on the Hiker/Snowshoe and Biker codes, noting the Skier Code is as written. There were no comments or objections.

AVA 2020 Objectives: Mark Noble had no significant milestones to report this month noting everything is on track.

Arrowhead Bicycle Safety Policy and Signage: Randy Smith provided background on the proposed policy. He said the conversation began because of incidents involving cyclists and vehicles on Cresta Road, fortunately without injury. A number of steps have been taken to help improve safety on Cresta Road. The proposed regulation reviewed in the last Board meeting has been enhanced and formalized by legal counsel into a resolution for the Board’s consideration. The purpose of the resolution is to ensure cyclists, pedestrians, and hikers can fulfill their passions safely, and create parameters for Public Safety to monitor and enforce. The document could be presented to individuals to communicate expectations. This rule and regulation, and other efforts including signage and striping, are important elements of a letter being drafted to Vail Resorts on behalf of AMD and the Association. The letter will request Vail Resorts waive limitations AMD has agreed to with regard to allowing Cresta Road to be a passageway for any Vail Resorts invitees. Randy noted penalty fines are difficult to enforce for nonresidents. Dan Gallagher cautioned restricting access to the point it is reciprocated elsewhere changing the nature of one of the major recreational activities in the valley. Mark Nobel suggested removing paragraph seven in the resolution because it contradicts signage on Cresta Road. Discussion took place in regard to whether it is necessary to adopt the resolution on an emergency basis eliminating the 30-day comment period. Tim Gropp asked how the regulation will be publicized to gain compliance. Diane Loosbrock offered to call local bike shops in an effort to get contact numbers for local bike groups to disseminate the information. Jerry Hensel commented on the importance of communication. Randy Smith suggested providing Public Safety and bike organizations with a postcard illustrating the bike code and safety protocol for Cresta Road.

Diane Loosbrock moved to support the Cyclist and Pedestrian Rules and Regulations as revised, eliminating paragraphs seven and twelve, for purposes of sending it out to the community for a 30-day comment period. Mark Noble seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

Randy Smith requested a meeting with Jerry Hensel and others to discuss signage for the east and west gates, parking lot, and bicycle/pedestrian entrance on Cresta Road.

Town Hall Meeting: Randy Smith asked the Board to assist with talking to individuals in the community to get a sense of how many are likely to turn out for a Town Hall meeting, and to consider how to accommodate them with social distancing. The alternative would be a virtual meeting, giving those who are unable to attend the annual meeting an opportunity to converse with the Board and understand the direction the Board is going. A decision will be made at the next Board meeting.

Bob Noble inquired about the status of the traffic circle. Bob Shafer had no updates since the last Board meeting. Negotiations for financial support will continue with Edward Metro District and the County in July. Jerry Hensel noted updating pricing is being obtained.

There being no further business, Diane Loosbrock moved to adjourn the meeting. Tim Gropp seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned at 11:53 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Floyd
Secretary for the Meeting